Four essential pillars of Best Resume Format

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To create the best resume format may require you to do a lot of mind exercises. However, professional resume writers know that there are very few factors which make a resume impressive. These pillars of best resume format should not be ignored if you want to get through. Let us have a look at them.

  1. Format– The most important thing that makes your resume relevant is having a clean format which is easy to understand. No one is interested in reading pages of your details especially if they are placed neatly enough. Take care of the font, spacing, colors used and page margin and styles followed. Do not make any changes to margins just to adjust some information as that makes your resume unprofessional.
  2. Relevancy– Your creative resume template needs to be changed according to the job requirement. This makes it easier for the employer to short list your resume from amongst the others available. Never follow the same resume style for all jobs as that seriously reduces your chances of getting selected.
  3. Impactful presentation-Always ensure that the content that is most important is placed in the first three quarters of the page. This is because the employer generally pays attention to the same area only and if you fill it with irrelevant details he will remove your resume. You can place not so crucial details on the second page if you want.
  4. Content– If all the above things are fine then your content also needs to be written professionally. Your resume should never be too many pages and none of them providing the correct information. Keep your content short and concise and yet impressive the reader understands what you are going to say. No more than two pages should be used for an ideal resume.

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