What Are The Different Types Of Resume Format?

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Resumes are no less than an advertisement; it’s just that through resume you market your competence. It is important for you to choose the right type of resume format because a recruiter doesn’t spend more than 8 to 10 seconds on one resume. Hence, the format of your resume will be the ice breaker.

There are 4 kinds of best resume templates that you can choose from depending upon the company you are applying to. Read on.


Chronological resumes are the most preferred resumes. It helps the recruiter to quickly go through your resume because, in a chronological resume, the work history is in chronological order. Meaning it will start with the most recent job and will go down to the earliest. This order helps the recruiter to analyze your resume faster.

If you don’t have any gaps between your jobs and have a solid work history, then you should go with chronological resumes.


Functional resumes put more emphasis on your work experience and skills. It doesn’t focus on the dates when you joined or left one company and the number of years you have worked with them.

Functional resumes are suitable for those who have limited work experience and have a gap period. This is also suitable for employees who have frequently changed jobs.


If you want to show your detailed work experience and your job experience then the combination resume will be the right fit for you. Combinations resume in simple terms means to express both the experience and skills in details and in a chronological order.


Targeted resumes are time taking but are the perfect fit for people who wish to express their objectives and job roles to mirror the new organization’s roles and responsibilities. You can likewise work on the education qualification along with the skills to describe why you are the perfect match for the company you are applying to. Be sure about the details, it shouldn’t be overpowering and you should concentrate more on the details.

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