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What Are The Different Types Of Resume Format?

January 28, 2019 - By 

Resumes are no less than an advertisement; it’s just that through resume you market your competence. It is important for you to choose the right type of resume format because a recruiter doesn’t spend more than 8 to 10 seconds on one resume. Hence, the format of your resume will be the ice breaker.

There are 4 kinds of best resume templates that you can choose from depending upon the company you are applying to. Read on.


Chronological resumes are the most preferred resumes. It helps the recruiter to quickly go through your resume because, in a chronological resume, the work history is in chronological order. Meaning it will start with the most recent job and will go down to the earliest. This order helps the recruiter to analyze your resume faster.

If you don’t have any gaps between your jobs and have a solid work history, then you should go with chronological resumes.


Functional resumes put more emphasis on your work experience and skills. It doesn’t focus on the dates when you joined or left one company and the number of years you have worked with them.

Functional resumes are suitable for those who have limited work experience and have a gap period. This is also suitable for employees who have frequently changed jobs.


If you want to show your detailed work experience and your job experience then the combination resume will be the right fit for you. Combinations resume in simple terms means to express both the experience and skills in details and in a chronological order.


Targeted resumes are time taking but are the perfect fit for people who wish to express their objectives and job roles to mirror the new organization’s roles and responsibilities. You can likewise work on the education qualification along with the skills to describe why you are the perfect match for the company you are applying to. Be sure about the details, it shouldn’t be overpowering and you should concentrate more on the details.

You can visit if you wish to see various resume templates word and see how each of these formats looks like. Browse through all the best resume templates that we have to ensure that you create the right resume for a prospective employer.


How To Choose The Correct Professional CV Template?

January 28, 2019 - By 

You have seen the right job opening for yourself and want to make sure that you are selected. You have the skills, required experience and achievements to show but this is not enough. Your recruitment manager will receive your resume first, will analyze it and then decide whether to call you for an interview or not. The bottom line is you have to make sure that your professional CV template is full proof.

Here’s what you should do.

Keep in mind your audience

The first thing before submitting your resume is to know who you are submitting it too. Everything is digitalized nowadays. Hence, know about the organization first and try to standardize your resume according to the organization. For example, a financial institution won’t fancy a creative resume and an art and media organization won’t appreciate a simple resume. Make sure you know the company that you are applying to and likewise create your resume.

Choose a simple professional resume template word

The basic rule behind reading as many professional resume samples as you can is to see the format style. You should always keep the formatting simple. Remember it’s not the hiring manager who reads your resume first, but it’s the applicant tracking system who reads it. If it gets rejected by the APS then your hiring manager will surely not bother to go through it. Stick with simple fonts like Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial, and Calibri. Keep the format size as 12, it’s the professional font size for resumes.

Keep the look of your resume consistent

It is important for your resume to look consistent throughout. Let us explain this to you. If you bold one subheading then make sure to bold the remaining subheadings too. Just like that, if you have highlighted the company’s name in one section, then highlight it wherever you have mentioned it.

If you want to be 100% sure that your resume is the right fit for a company then do go through various professional review samples that are available on Browse through them to see how a professional resume template should look like.


How to choose right Free Resume Templates Microsoft Word

January 11, 2019 - By 

Resume template is something that you can use to fill your information and make your resume attractive and organized for the employer or hiring manager.  You can easily find various sources where you can find free resume templates Microsoft word but you should pick the right and professional one. You should consider some factors before choosing free resume templates word.

  • Audience:

You should better think about your audience before choosing any resume template. Suppose you want to apply for a traditional and large company then you should present your information or personal details in conservation fashion rather than using flashy colours and lots of graphics.

  • Company Culture:

If you want to apply for a particular company then you should better research about the unique culture of the company. If the company has unique presence, then your resume should also be unique that meets with the specific requirements of the company. You should look for the professional yet unique template where you can showcase your skills in the way the company wants.

  • Job Skills:

You should pay attention towards the design of the template. You should better check if the resume template can reflect the job skills employer wants.

  • Personal Information

You should look for the resume template where you can find ‘About me’ section or the section that allows you to define you in the way you want.

You can choose the right source for free resume download and consider all the above mentioned factors before choosing any. The resume template allows you to reflect your personality and show a balance between your personality and audience.

If you are going to apply for corporate or traditional jobs then go with traditional resume templates so you can make it a clean and professional.


Four essential pillars of Best Resume Format

January 11, 2019 - By 

To create the best resume format may require you to do a lot of mind exercises. However, professional resume writers know that there are very few factors which make a resume impressive. These pillars of best resume format should not be ignored if you want to get through. Let us have a look at them.

  1. Format– The most important thing that makes your resume relevant is having a clean format which is easy to understand. No one is interested in reading pages of your details especially if they are placed neatly enough. Take care of the font, spacing, colors used and page margin and styles followed. Do not make any changes to margins just to adjust some information as that makes your resume unprofessional.
  2. Relevancy– Your creative resume template needs to be changed according to the job requirement. This makes it easier for the employer to short list your resume from amongst the others available. Never follow the same resume style for all jobs as that seriously reduces your chances of getting selected.
  3. Impactful presentation-Always ensure that the content that is most important is placed in the first three quarters of the page. This is because the employer generally pays attention to the same area only and if you fill it with irrelevant details he will remove your resume. You can place not so crucial details on the second page if you want.
  4. Content– If all the above things are fine then your content also needs to be written professionally. Your resume should never be too many pages and none of them providing the correct information. Keep your content short and concise and yet impressive the reader understands what you are going to say. No more than two pages should be used for an ideal resume.

If you want the best resume templates for yourself get in touch with us at with an extraordinary range of templates to choose from you will get one that probably suits your need in the best manner possible. You can also choose more than one if you feel that you are trying to apply for more than one profile.


Free Professional Resume Templates for every professional

January 11, 2019 - By 

Are you looking for free professional resume templates? If yes, then lots of options are mentioned in this guide. Your resume should be professional and clean so you should choose the best resume template.

  • Creative and professional resume templates with photo background:

If you are in a creative field like graphic designing, photography or much more, then this professional resume format can be perfect for you. This creative look allows you to showcase your creative work.

  • Infographic Style Resume Template:

If you want to showcase your talent, skills and career objectives in a minimal visual layout in the form of infographic, then you can use this template. This is a unique template and you can download it for free. This template is generally used by freelancers who generally showcase lots of their experience and memorable work with resume only so they use a visual and substantial text space to provide something unique and memorable to the employer or hiring manager.

  • Professional pops of primary colours:

This template boasts sophistication with colourful and bright accents. You will also find space for substantial summary. It offers you great space that you can use in the way you want. This resume template is perfect for the recent graduates.

  • Centre aligned resume template for upper level professionals:

This template is best for upper level professionals like real estate developers as they can find ample of space and showcase their experience in formal manner in plain space. This is clean yet modern design that helps showcase your skills as the way employer wants. Coloured border and custom icons add a nice touch to the template. You can download this template for free. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding free resume template download. For more information about please visit our website:


3 Best Resume Format That Every Job Seeker Should Know

October 30, 2018 - By 

In order to get a good job, one must work on the resume first. A good quality resume is the first step towards your career. You need to put every information of yours in the best possible manner so that your qualifications and skills shine in the whole resume.

It is also important to keep a simple resume format such as Chronological, Functional, and Combination/Hybrid—highlights your experience in a diverse way.

What is a resume format?

A resume format is based on the labels which stand out in your CV like a professional summary, education, project etc. The best resume format highlights every label in the order and date of the joining of previous positions. Basically, there are three types of resume format and each one is applicable for a separate purpose.

So, here have a look at the resume format in word below:

  1. A Mixed Chronological Resume:

In this resume format, career changers can highlight their transferable skills from their professional past. Through this, the most relevant qualifications can easily be pointed out by the hiring manager. Mention your new career objective for employers to give them a clear vision why are they hiring you. In the chronological work history, you should highlight your skills, tasks and accomplishments keeping your new career in mind.

  1. A Functional Resume:

In this resume format, you can focus on your related skills and downplay your work history. It works best when you’re pursuing a career which is not similar to your former career. Starts writing with your career goal and qualifications summary, and then highlight your related skills and past work experience.

  1. A Letter-Style Resume:

This letter can be a substitution for your resume. It is a kind of narrative format which allows you to write only those information which you want to convey to the hiring manager. This format focuses on your new career objective, your transferable skills and your work experience.

So, first choose which format will work best for you? However, the most flexible and used resume format is a Combination/Hybrid.


Follow These 7 Tips to Create Your Professional Resume

October 30, 2018 - By 

Sometimes people go for the career change to pursue their new dreams or when they are in look for some bigger challenges. Economic upheaval leads to career changes. However, reasons for switching the career paths can be different but, you need to realize the importance of a new resume with every career change. You need to put your best skills forward to make a professional resume sample.

So, with below-mentioned tips, you can mark a good impression on the hiring manager:

  1. First impression

The cover letter is the first thing that leaves an impression on many hiring managers. Adding some effort into writing a compelling cover letter never go in vain. So, try your best to convey why you are fit for the job.

  1. Prepare a new resume

If you are changing your career, don’t use the same resume that you made for your previous career for the new job too. Customizing the resume for each new position to which you are applying highlights your new skills. A customized resume clearly demonstrates that why are you fit for this new career.

  1. Resume format is important

Professional Resume formats are available in several different types and it is an important aspect to put attention on:

  • A Mixed Chronological Resume.
  • A Functional Resume.
  • A Letter-Style Resume.
  1. Be Specific

The resume format should be comprehensive not overwhelming. So, mention only those information and skills that are suitable for your new job.

  1. Avoid extras

Don’t leave unexplained gaps in your resume. Stay focused on relevance, not on to the volume. You just need to emphasize your commitment to the career change.

  1. Highlight valuable experiences

If your past work experience has little relevance to this career change, then you will be able to make up for it.

  1. No fear of qualification gaps

Many employers hire the candidate who’s not 100% fit but with great enthusiasm and possesses the quality of willingness to learn.

You can also use available Professional Resume Template Word to make the best and career changing CV for you.


It’s Time To Make Your Resume With Free Creative Templates

October 24, 2018 - By 

Worthless to say, the first impression of your job relies on the resume you have submitted. If you send the creative resume, the recruiters definitely call you up. Never assume, resume doesn’t effect on your job. It is a document which describes you in a brief and clear manner.  A well-designed, meaningful, and creative resume captures the attention of the candidates within 5-10 seconds while scanning through each resume. Hence, it would be best to take the help of professional resumes to get a prominent job.

Might be you have not been known about the resume templates earlier. In this fast-paced era, you can get the free resume templates any time. For this, you just need to download. If you are facing a tight deadline, then getting the help of Free Resume Template Download will the worthwhile task. These templates of resume are simple, straightforward, captivating, meaningful, and eye-grabbing. Moreover, it will save much of your time. You just need to add your personal and professional information over there. Only some minutes will be enough to make a creative resume for your job with the help of these templates.

  • Why are free resume templates the best?

  • Candidates can change font, colour, accordingly their need.
  • Free Resume Templates Microsoft Word is easy to assess. As it opens in the word, the candidates will easily edit the required information.
  • Available free of cost will help the candidate to prepare differently for different jobs. They can share it with their friends as well.
  • Designed by professionals will endow the candidates to influence their recruiters within no time.
  • Candidates having no knowledge of making resume can make their own resume within 5-10 minutes.
  • All the contents are meaningful and attractive. Thereby, the candidates can use it without any amendment.
  • The resume templates will offer simple and instant options to candidates.
  • Hence, it has been cleared to take the help of resume templates will be the best idea as it will depict you professional. You will be get influenced a lot by your recruiter. You will need to call anyone to arrange your resume. You just need to write down your information only. If you are seeking someone where you can download Free Resume Templates Word, then you can take the help of Hippo resumes. It is an eminent destination where you could find every type of resume template. To assess the resume templates of this online hub, you can log on


    Download The Creative Resume Templates For Your Job

    October 24, 2018 - By 

    Download the creative resume templates for your job

    Writing a resume or your job is quite daunting task, especially if you have a short time. Needless to say, the resume should be creative enough to influence your interviewer. Might be, during studies, you had learned how to make resumes. But this competitive era expects everything should be perfect, exceptional, accurate, and complete. This need can be catered only with the help of creative resume templates. Yes, you can take the help of resume templates before your interview.

    The fact is that once applied for a job, most of the time, the candidates get an instant call which endows them restricted to make a creative resume accordingly to their job. This barrier was overcome by introducing best free resume templates. These are ready made templates in which the candidates need to add only their information only. Moreover, it is a pleasure to share that with these templates, you can make your resume within 5 to 10 minutes only.

    • Some salient features of Best Resume Templates:
    • The resume templates are available free of cost. The candidates need to download it only. Not even a single penny will be asked by them.
    • The templates for making resumes are numerous. The candidates will get a wide variety to choose. Hence, they can influence their interviewers the most.
    • Making resume with templates available will save much of time as well as other resources. If you will choose to make your resume from other, they will charge services. If your choice to make your resume itself, it will surely miss many of contents that are expected by the prominent companies. Hence, take the help of resume templates will be the best.
    • These resume templates are designed as per the industry standard. It was equipped with everything that is expected by the remarkable companies. Hence, every resume is creative enough that you will not need to add up any content.
    • The downloading process of these resume template is simple and straightforward, the candidates will not need to indulge in a complicated process. Even the first time user can download it.

    If you are seeking some reputed destination to download resume templates, then you are landed at the right page. The Hippo resumes is an online destination where you can get unlimited variety of attractive and meaningful resumes. It has veteran professionals blessed in-built creative skills that design different and meaningful resume every time. To assess its resume templates, kindly log on