3 Best Resume Format That Every Job Seeker Should Know

October 30, 2018 - By 

In order to get a good job, one must work on the resume first. A good quality resume is the first step towards your career. You need to put every information of yours in the best possible manner so that your qualifications and skills shine in the whole resume.

It is also important to keep a simple resume format such as Chronological, Functional, and Combination/Hybrid—highlights your experience in a diverse way.

What is a resume format?

A resume format is based on the labels which stand out in your CV like a professional summary, education, project etc. The best resume format highlights every label in the order and date of the joining of previous positions. Basically, there are three types of resume format and each one is applicable for a separate purpose.

So, here have a look at the resume format in word below:

  1. A Mixed Chronological Resume:

In this resume format, career changers can highlight their transferable skills from their professional past. Through this, the most relevant qualifications can easily be pointed out by the hiring manager. Mention your new career objective for employers to give them a clear vision why are they hiring you. In the chronological work history, you should highlight your skills, tasks and accomplishments keeping your new career in mind.

  1. A Functional Resume:

In this resume format, you can focus on your related skills and downplay your work history. It works best when you’re pursuing a career which is not similar to your former career. Starts writing with your career goal and qualifications summary, and then highlight your related skills and past work experience.

  1. A Letter-Style Resume:

This letter can be a substitution for your resume. It is a kind of narrative format which allows you to write only those information which you want to convey to the hiring manager. This format focuses on your new career objective, your transferable skills and your work experience.

So, first choose which format will work best for you? However, the most flexible and used resume format is a Combination/Hybrid.